About Me

Hi there! My name's Fiona,  I'm 2r years old and I come from a smallish town in south east England. I'm a recent graduate in French, Spanish and European Studies at Southampton University. I've had my blog now for just over 4 years. The name "traffic jam of life" has evolved from my old blog name, Embouteillage-Atasco, given that both words mean traffic jam, and it alludes to the fact that my life is quite stop and start and all over the place!

I have recently finished university at Southampton, and the year before I studied abroad in Spain. Therefore, my posts will be more lifestyle, beauty and travel based. I curremtly live and work in London from July but I am often travelling to the Reading and Southampton area. If you have any questions or need for advice don't hesitate to reach out on any of my social networks or at embouteillageatasco@gmail.com (I changed my blog name a while ago).

Whilst my blog covers a variety of topics, over the last year I began calling it a lifestyle blog, given that I talk mainly about lifestyle, student life, travel with a bit of beauty. I also contribute freelance articles for online publications, such as Maven46 and The Culture Trip. My online publications can be found on my Published Work page.

I am happy to write sponsored posts and reviews, sometimes in collaboration, and other times in exchange for a product or payment. To see further information head to my Disclaimer page. Thanks for having a read!