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Hi lovelies, I haven't mentioned music much recently on the blog, however I've developed plenty of new obsessions in the meantime! 

Ariana Grande


This Nickelodeon star seems to have absolutely blown up in 2014, thanks to featuring on Iggy Azalea's single Problem and her breakout single in 2013 The Way. I've only started to really love her as an artist this year, having listened to her previous album "Yours Truly". She has a clean and mature voice for a 21 year old, and whilst some have been quick to label her a "Mariah" impersonator, I would personally say her voice is much more enjoyable to listen to. Her songs are incredibly well written, with more than half of her first album being favourites of mine! Very recently she's released her second album, "My Everything", which has only served to increase my girl crush on her. I've noticed that although this album includes many more collaborations than before, these never interfere with her classy and poignant singing style, even with the likes of A$AP Ferg and Big Sean featuring. As a result her image as a true to herself singer remains, whilst her versatility lends to a number of styles, keeping the album exciting. I'm obsessed with her outfits too! She looks like a delicate doll and dresses perfectly for her slim body without drifting into the revealing territory. Certainly one to watch this year! 



Ciara is a RnB gem who I believe is wonderfully underrated. She has the right amount of swagger of Rihanna, without straying into controversial territory. I've been listening to her 2013 album "Body Party", which is packed with beats to get you dancing in your seat. She has such sophistication whilst having a seductive air too, making it really easy to listen to. She leads a quiet private life, which I massively admire, and perhaps as a result her music hasn't been as mainstream as other artists for a while. Despite this Nicki Minaj is known to be a close friend, and has featured on a few of her songs on the album, injecting another edge to the overall quality and mixing up the structure.

Sam Smith


I posted about one of my favourite singers way back in June 2013 that's how long now that I've been a fan of him! I feel like I've watched his growth in reputation from featuring artist to renowned star in his own right like a proud mother, as I've eagerly awaited every new release, and listened to each an excessive amount of times. The fact is his voice is a true joy to listen to, and he makes full use of this in almost every song. Whilst I feel that his debut album, "In The Lonely Hour", could've varied the pace of the songs at times, it is evident that Smith has found a trusted formula in which he can benefit from the most success. Personally I get a bit bored with an album full of slow songs, but his more upbeat ones were truly uplifting, and with the right formula I'm sure he could fare successfully too!

Thanks for reading! who have you been listening to recently?

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